Access the toolkit
Access the toolkit

This toolkit is to assist in the promotion of GMB Credit Union - an exclusive member benefit for all GMB members and their families.

GMB Credit Union Promotional Toolkit

We want to spread the word about GMB Credit Union which is a unique member benefit providing a fantastic savings and loan service at very competitive rates for GMB members and their immediate families.

GMB Credit Union is 100% owned and operated by GMB members and focused not on profit but on the financial wellbeing of GMB members.

We are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) the PRA (Prudential Regulator Authority) and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This high level of regulation protects members interests but also means we have to be very clear how we describe our products and services.

So this Credit Union Toolkit is designed for use by the wider GMB Community to promote a unique members service which supports national GMB member recruitment and retention - and of course keeps our regulators happy.

What's in the toolkit?

Promotional resources

You can download a range of resources to help you spread the word about the Credit Union to your members.  In our toolkit you will find:

  • A helpful toolkit presentation which explains the value of the Credit Union, an overview of our market leading products and services and how to promote the benefits of joining.
  • A selection of adverts in various formats ready for you to download. They can be used in emails, magazines, websites or across social media.
  • Posters which you can download and print for your next event.
  • Our annual report which shares how the Credit Union has performed over the last 12 months and our plans for the future.

Access our toolkit and promotional resources here.

Conference and event resources (Our Roadshow Kit)

We have also produced a helpful Roadshow Kit providing tools and resources for events and conferences.  It includes

  • Easy to assemble event stands and roller banners.
  • Flyers which explain the benefits of our loans and savings products and the value of joining the Credit Union.

You can order these resources for your next event by simply emailing us at or calling 0161 486 1777.