Easy Access Member Savings

We believe that our Members benefit from regular savings as it allows them to plan for a brighter financial future and gives peace of mind should an emergency arise.

We pool member savings held allowing us to lend to other GMB members at very affordable rates. Credit Union savings are fully protected by the financial services compensation scheme up to £85,000.

We offer a very competitive annual dividend on all our easy access savings account. Our dividend is paid annually and for year ending 2020 the easy access savings dividend was 0.6%

Members can stay in touch with their savings through our online account enquiry and can request a statement at any time.

Due to the popularity of our savings account, the maximum any one member can hold is currently £20,000.

Find the right savings account for you

How to apply

There are two ways to apply for our savings accounts. Through Nivo or through our online application form.

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Apply through nivo

NIVO is our bank standard, fully encrypted messaging App. NIVO will lead you through the application process and is the quickest and most secure way to apply for your savings account.

Apply through our website

You can also apply through our website in the traditional way however this means that your application will take a little longer to process.

Learn more and apply for our individual savings accounts below.