Prize Saver

Saving feels good. Winning feels great. Now you can do both with our PrizeSaver account. Start saving from just £1 with the chance to win £5,000 every month!

Benefits for you

  • Instant access savings account with a monthly PrizeSavers draw

  • No cost to open your account or to participate in the fun of a free monthly PrizeSaver draw

  • A chance to win a main prize of £5,000 every month

  • More chances to win with 20 additional monthly prizes

    Open a PrizeSaver Account

    Existing GMBCU account holder?

    If you already have a savings account with GMB Credit Union and wish to open a PrizeSaver account please complete the form below.


    Savings Details

    I confirm that I wish to open a Prize Saver Account.

    I wish to transfer from my regular credit union saver account to my new PrizeSaver account a single payment of £ (max transfer £200).

    I am aware that no dividend or interest is paid on this account and that the potential return is limited to my entries into the monthly prize draw.

    I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Prize Saver Account here.

    Open a PrizeSaver Account

    Don’t have a savings account with GMBCU

    If you don’t have a savings account with GMB Credit Union and wish to open a PrizeSaver account, please join us now by completing our joining/savings account form.

    • Click here to open an account with us.
    • In the Application Detail section of the form, confirm Yes to the question ‘Do you wish to open a PrizeSaver account?’
    • We will then contact you by email to confirm your preferred way of operating your PrizeSaver account.

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