Use our Nivo App and stay in control

Date: 10 May 2022

Good communication is the key to any successful relationship. We want our communications to continually improve and for our GMB members to have easy access to their Credit Union and their accounts whenever they want it.


Contacting GMB Credit Union  

The simplest and most widely used channel for GMB members to stay in touch is our Nivo app.   

Nivo is a secure messaging app that allows members to contact us via their mobile telephone at their convenience. Nivo is fast and secure and allows members to stay in control of their Credit Union finances. 

GMB members can apply for loans and savings accounts through Nivo and the whole onboarding process can be completed, including e-signing of loan agreements, speedily and securely with no need for long paper trails, emails or post.     


Communication is key to financial wellbeing 

If you’ve ever struggled with your finances, you’ll know it’s often tempting to keep your head in the sand rather than face the dreaded truth about your balance, level of debt, charges, or overdraft costs. 

It can also be frustrating when you cannot contact your financial service provider and are fobbed of with the automated message ‘we are currently experiencing a higher than usual level of customer enquiries’. This can make financial matters worse and, on some occasions, can lead to members making poorer financial choices. 

At GMB Credit Union, we want you to feel in control of your finances, and we know good communication can give you the perspective you need to make positive decisions that benefit you and your loved one’s longer-term. 

That’s why we always encourage members to use the app Nivo and discover how simple and empowering it is to have clear and open lines of communication with your Credit Union. 


Is Nivo safe and can I share my personal details on the app? 

Nivo is bank standard security and is fully encrypted with three layers of protection which allows members to upload sensitive documents and personal data without risk.  

Nivo is therefore a very safe and secure channel so you can share and receive personal information without any concerns about your personal details being leaked or accessed by hackers or third parties. 


What additional features does Nivo have? 

During April 2022 we enhanced the capability of Nivo by including the following online banking features:  

  • Balance enquiry  

  • Mini statement  

  • Withdrawal request 


Nivo has put our members in control     

In 2021, GMB members sent and received more than 320,000 secure messages using Nivo so it’s clear our members love the app and here are ten reasons why: 

  • Accessible via your mobile phone 

  • Fast and very secure  

  • Simple to operate  

  • Convenient – any place any time  

  • Removes paper, post and email  

  • Streamlines the account opening process  

  • Speeds up the loan process with on online e-signature 

  • Makes GMBCU products and services more accessible  

  • It’s a digital service constantly evolving to give members more features  

  • Digital but with a human interface – you’re still talking to GMBCU staff. 


How do I download the Nivo app onto my mobile? 

Simply click here, open up your smartphone camera and scan the QR code to download Nivo.  

You can log into Nivo and send us secure messages about your accounts 24/7, and we’ll respond during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm).  

You can check your balance, access a mini statement and request a withdrawal 24/7 If you message us during office hours, you’ll get a reply from a member of the GMBCU team within one hour. This makes it a super convenient way to communicate with a human about your finances, giving you reassurance and confidence. 

We also understand that not everyone wants to be digital all the time so if you need to speak to us direct the GMBCU office telephone number is 0161 486 1777 and is staffed Monday to Friday between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm.