About us

It’s your Credit Union

GMB Credit Union belongs to you

Since 1999, we’ve aimed to give GMB members and their families simple and fair options for savings and loans. 

GMB Credit Union belongs to you, as it’s owned and run by its members. Our main goal is to help you, not make money. We simply provide affordable loans and easy access savings accounts.

As a not-for-profit financial institution, we focus on retaining and making money work for GMB members. This way, everyone in our community enjoys the advantages, not just a select few.

We’re secure and take care of your money. GMB Credit Union is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), ensuring strict standards to protect your money. Plus, members’ savings are fully covered up to £85,000 by the financial services compensation scheme (FSCS).

GMB Credit Union focuses on building a better relationship with members. We listen to your needs and work with you to find the most responsible solutions for saving and borrowing. By being part of a caring community, you feel more confident and supported in managing your finances. This helps you make wise money decisions moving forward and achieve your financial goals.

£75 million
Borrowed by GMB Members
GMB Trade Union members
Max savings protected

Shaping a more financially aware community

Our mission is to promote regular savings, responsible lending and improve financial literacy. By doing this, we contribute to a stronger, more stable and financially aware GMB Credit Union community.

Our Values

  • We’re made by members, for members

    GMB Credit Union is made by members and exists for the benefit of members, making us stronger and more secure as a group. Our supportive network values financial wellbeing, responsible lending, and tailored financial products to help each member thrive.

  • We’re straightforward and transparent

    We provide clear facts, honest answers and easy-to-understand financial information for our members. Our aim is to help you feel confident in making smart money decisions for yourself and your loved ones, helping you achieve your financial goals.

  • We’re dedicated to serving, not profiting

    We don’t speculate on the money market for quick profits or support unethical investments. Instead, trading surpluses are used to enhance our services and offer better rates for you. By doing this, GMB Credit Union contributes to improving your financial well-being, guiding you towards a more secure financial future.

  • We’re here to improve financial literacy

    Being part of the GMB community, we value our members and pay extra attention to their needs. We share education on financial matters, provide personalised guidance, and foster a supportive community. Our goal is to improve your overall financial wellbeing and create a lasting, positive impact.