Premium Saver

Now’s the time to save! Rewarding members who commit to regular savings by adding an additional 1% premium on top of our standard Member Saver annual dividend.
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Benefits for you

  • Get rewarded with a premium annual dividend rate for regular monthly saving

  • Get into the habit of saving regularly and build a savings pot for those bigger purchases

  • Track and manage your savings online so you’re always in control 

  • Savings are FSCS protected and eligible for up to £2,500 life cover

Your Premium Saver  

  • Additional 1% premium on top of our standard Member Saver annual dividend
  • Online account management via our App or the My Account area of our website
  • An annual dividend paid in April 
  • Deposits are fully protected by the FSCS 
  • Includes a free life savings cover up to £2,500

You’re eligible to apply if you…

  • Are 18 years or over 
  • Are a GMB trade union member or an immediate family member
  • Are a GMB Credit Union member

Terms & Conditions

  • You must set up a monthly direct debit to open Premium Saver. The minimum monthly direct debit is £50.00 and the maximum monthly direct debit is £1,000.00
  • Maximum account balance is £12,000
  • Deposits are by monthly direct debit only
  • Lump sum deposits cannot be made, as our Premium Saver is designed to encourage members to save regularly
  • Eligible members receive an annual dividend in April, after it’s agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Dividend is calculated based on your daily balance throughout the year, from January 1st to December 31st 
  • Dividends are paid gross 
  • Your liability to pay tax depends on your individual circumstances
  • Withdrawals are restricted to 3 in any 12-month period.


Apply for a Premium Saver account today. It’s fast, easy and you can do it all on our website. Don’t wait, achieve your long-term financial goals now.

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Why choose us?

GMB Credit Union is more than just a financial institution – we’re a community where members help each other. We make sure that money circulates for the benefit of the community by pooling member savings and then lending it to other members. Support our GMB community and boost access to affordable credit with your GMB Union membership.