Handy Loan

Smaller loans, like our Handy Loan, are ideal if you need to cover short-term expenses or manage unexpected life costs. Steer clear of financial stress while continuing to strengthen your credit rating.
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Benefits for you

  • Gain financial independence through accessible smaller loans  

  • Preserve financial flexibility with no penalties for early loan repayments 

  • Maintain good credit health by avoiding financial strain 

  • Safeguard your savings until your loan is fully paid off 

Your Handy loan

  • £200 – £2,500
  • 26.8% – 42.6% APR
  • 36 months max repayment term
  • Loan repaid by direct debit monthly, four-weekly, or weekly

You’re eligible to apply if you… 

  • Are 18 years or over
  • Are a member of GMB Credit Union
  • Can provide proof of ID and regular income
  • Agree to save a minimum of £10 per month or more
  • Have no recent County Court Judgements (CCJs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Debt Relief (DRO) or Bankruptcy

If you are not a member of GMB Credit Union, we will open a savings account for you as part of the loan agreement process.

Terms & Conditions

  • No fees or penalties for early repayment
  • Savings are secured until the loan is fully repaid
  • Subject to a credit search and we may request additional information to support the application

Handy Loan
representative example

  • Loan Value: £2,000
  • Repayment Term: 30 months
  • Monthly Repayment: £95.56
  • Interest: 34.5% APR
  • Total amount: £2866.59

The figures above are for illustrative purposes only the actual repayment amounts will vary subject to loan amount and term.

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Why choose us?

GMB Credit Union is more than just a financial institution – we’re a community where members help each other. We make sure that money circulates for the benefit of the community by pooling member savings and then lending to other members. Support your GMB community and boost access to affordable credit with your GMB Union membership.