Dealing with Coronavirus

Date: 23 July 2019

The escalating Coronavirus epidemic will inevitably have a major impact on GMB members and the business community over coming weeks. We understand that the virus is not just a serious health concern, but it is also impacting some of our members finances.

We want to do everything we can to help GMB members during this difficult period. So, if you are concerned about your financial situation please get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity; we have a range of options that we can consider in order to provide the support you may need.

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic our AGM arranged for the 21st March 2020 was postponed and the GMB Credit Union Board is now considering how best to progress with this matter.

The best way to contact the Credit Union during this crisis is on or via our GMBCU app.

Download the GMBCU app now from the Apple store or Google Play. 

For more information on Coronavirus please go to the GMB website at