How to check your Credit Score for free

Date: 09 March 2022

It is very important to be aware of your credit score and to check it regularly.

A healthy credit score goes in your favour when applying for loans, credit cards, and mortgages. There are many other companies who will also do a credit search for example utility companies, landlords, mobile phone providers even employers.

So, for the sake of your financial wellbeing please ensure that you monitor and manage your credit report.


Why can’t I use the Credit View service?

With effect from the 22 March 2022, TransUnion has unilaterally decided to end rather than upgrade their Credit View service. This was communicated to our members without our prior knowledge.

We are disappointed by how this matter was managed because we would have preferred to give our members more explanation and more time to switch to another provider.

When GMBCU first launched Credit View it was ahead of the trend in offering our members easy access to a free credit report. However, the world has evolved since then and GMB members now have many free alternative ways to check their credit score online.

How to check your Credit Score online for free

Of course, knowledge is power and checking your credit score regularly is more important than ever, as it helps you:

•    To view what financial related information the credit agencies hold on you
•    To increase your understanding of your financial circumstances
•    To identify and correct any inaccuracies or errors in your report
•    To improve and maintain a good credit score

You can still you keep track of your credit rating without incurring any fees or indeed affecting your credit score. So, with the withdrawal of Credit View on the 22 March 2022 we would suggest to our members that they consider the many companies that now provide free credit score checks and have well serviced apps, advice, support, and handy dashboards to access and absorb the information you need.

Here are some of the free online credit score checking services we recommend:

•    Credit Karma
•    Experian
•    Totally Money

There are many others out there, so have a look around and see which platform works best for you. Remember that you can check your own credit report and credit score whenever you wish and as many times as you wish because checking your own report leaves no footprint and will not impact your score.


I’ve checked my credit score – what now?

If you have a poor credit score and you want to improve it, our ‘Save and Borrow’ account helps you rebuild your credit rating to access better borrowing opportunities in future.

You might also want to check out our blog on 10 ways to improve your credit score.

If your score is healthy and you’d like to borrow money responsibly, view information about our fast, fair, and flexible loans available to all GMB members here.