Meet Dennis: A Member Case Study  

Date: 01 February 2022

At GMB Credit Union, our members are at the heart of what we do.

Whether we’re introducing a brilliant new product to save our members money or sharing our catalogue of financial savvy tips to better overall financial wellbeing, we do it with you in mind.

But after times of such rapid change, throughout covid, we felt it useful to sit down with some of our members and ask some all-important questions.

  • What does our support mean to you?
  • Why do you choose GMBCU?
  • How have we helped you or your family?

Last year, we hosted our very first Feedback Day to find out how we’ve been supporting some of our valued members. First up, we spoke to Dennis, one of our GMBCU members, who shared his thoughts on how our Credit Union has evolved and why he chooses us over traditional banks.


A Digital Makeover

Many of you know us as the innovative and digital service you use today. But it hasn’t always been this way…

Since joining GMB Credit Union back in 2003, when he was an active member of our Union, we’ve undergone quite the digital makeover. Our feedback day acted as a great opportunity to sit down and take a moment to consider how far we’ve come.

“I heard about GMB Credit Union a number of years ago now…” after it was introduced as a member benefit by the GMB Union.

He continued by reflecting on why GMBCU originally appealed to him: “I looked through various loans at the time as I was planning to do work in the house and I found that it was an excellent way of borrowing money, spreading the costs, and the interest rates were far below anything that the banks could offer.”

When Dennis first signed up, along with many of our original members, joining the Credit Union was a manual process with plenty of paperwork. Looking back, we’ve come on leaps and bounds – now offering a slick, secure and digital sign-up process that operates entirely online and takes just a few minutes.

Yet, despite all the changes to our processes and the introduction of new, digital systems over the years, it was comforting to hear that we’re still the same at heart.


You’re really a part of it

Since day one, we have been on a mission to provide better alternatives for our members and their families. That’s why we were delighted to hear that we’ve been doing just that.

“Being part of the Union and [GMB] Credit Union itself, you [feel like] a member, rather than just another name…. You feel as if you are really part of it.”

In his interview, Dennis shared how he loved our inclusive and personal service, which ranked us well above the rest in his books!

When reflecting on the other options available to him, he shared: “You’re not [following the trend] with the banks who have moved further and further away from people with the closing of their branches. In the old days you could go and sit down with the bank manager and talk to about your loan but nowadays that [option is] just not there anymore.”

“You’ve lost that feeling of mattering [to the banks], you’re just another statistic. You don’t feel like that with GMB.”

It’s one of the many perks of being part of GMB Credit Union; we’re ran by members, for members.


There when you need us

In 2019, we launched our GMBCU app to make access to our Credit Union a whole lot easier for members, just like Dennis!

“I use the GMBCU app and I find it very easy… especially for myself as I’m not that computer literate. But, as I say, I have no problems whatsoever with it.”

Our GMBCU app is the best way to communicate with GMB Credit Union, especially when sharing sensitive or personal information. It’s simple, secure and there when you need it. And, whilst it’s not manned 24-7, you can leave a message whenever you like for our friendly team to pick up with you during business hours.

Download the GMBCU app now from the Apple store or Google Play. 


Better financial wellbeing

Cash flow can be a stumbling point for lots of projects. However well you budget your money, managing when it lands and goes out may not be as easy as it sounds.

“It’s made it easier for me because with the loans it helps me to spread costs and it makes life a lot easier, a lot less stressful and I found that it’s really easy to work with the credit union.”

Our loans can help to smooth those costs over a longer period – meaning access to money when you need it – to help cover essential costs, or perhaps bring forward some long-awaited home renovations, like Dennis.

He continued: “I needed to do quite a bit of work on the house at the time. With the initial loan we were replacing windows, the kitchen needed work too. [with my loan], I wasn’t being charged with what I felt were extortionate rates that the banks and other institutions were asking for.”

We were thrilled to hear how we helped Dennis in his time of need. How could we help you?


Supporting future generations

GMBCU was established in 1999 to provide “simpler, fairer savings and loans” for our members and their families. When we design our products, we have members – just like Dennis – in mind.

“I would recommend [GMBCU], definitely. I think it’s been a huge help to myself.”

“My grandchildren also have accounts; my wife and myself opened them a number of years ago for them. We’re trying to keep them within [GMB] Credit Union so hopefully they will be able to use their facilities in years to come.”


Get involved

Listening Dennis’ praise of GMBCU has filled us pride. To hear that we have helped him to manage and spread his costs in an easy and efficient way really reconfirms our purpose and why we do what we do.

“GMB Credit Union in 3 words is easy, friendly and simple.”

If you want to take control of your finances by being a part of a Credit Union who really care, then join GMB Credit Union today.