One year of the Member’s Prize Draw

Date: 09 May 2022

Back in April 2021, we re-launched our Member’s Prize Draw, a monthly draw that produces one winner to take home the funds raised by the draw tickets. The draw gives our members something to get a bit excited about each month, and the pot has seen growth month upon month.

Looking back at the last year, we’re reflecting on how this has impacted our members and the charities that we’ve supported along the way.


Putting a smile on our members’ faces

It’s safe to say that the draw never disappoints. We can practically hear the smile on the face of the winner when we call them each month, and it never gets old. Whilst the winnings don’t exactly promise a first-class around the world ticket, previous winners have used the prize fund for making their Christmas just that bit more special, buying their grandchild a brand-new swing set, treating their family to fancy meals out, or finally redecorating the kitchen.

However, the winners choose to spend their winnings, we are pleased to know that it is because of the contributions of our GMB Credit Union members and staying within our wonderful community.


Supporting some incredible charities

Back in April 2021, we decided to up the stakes for our prize draw – introducing charitable causes which would receive half of the prize each month. With the financial insecurity that the pandemic brought, charities of all sizes bared the brunt, and so we wanted to have an opportunity to help support the charities that our community holds closest to them.

Rather than the winner taking all of the prize fund, they now take home 50%, with the other 50% being donated to a charity of their choice.

From April 2021 – March 2022, we have raised a whopping £5,985 for your chosen charities!

Take a read of where your money has gone, and how it has helped.


The Trussel Trust

In the first month of our charitable scheme, we donated £354 to The Trussel Trust, a charity dedicated to ending UK hunger and poverty. Through supporting over 1,200 food banks across the nation, The Trussel Trust have fed countless mouths, and offered a lifeline to families who needed it the most. Not only this, but the cost-of-living crisis has devastatingly provided further reason to support them.


The Alzheimer’s Society

In May 2021, The Alzheimer’s Society received £452 thanks to your entries! The society is a care and research charity for those with dementia. Money donated to the cause is used to provide support and care for dementia patients, their families and carers. This support comes in the form of over the phone, online or face-to-face support, as well as to campaigning for the correct treatment of dementia patients in care homes, and for research into better ways of treating and caring for those with dementia.


Dog’s Trust

June 2021 saw £465 being donated to Dog’s Trust, the UK’s leading dog welfare charity, caring for over 15,000 animals each year. Dog’s Trust support dogs through rescuing and looking after dogs in need, offering rehoming and adoption services for such dogs, as well as tips for training and caring your dog. Last year even saw the opening of their 22nd centre!

Cancer Research UK

In July and December of last year, your entries meant that £1,013 was donated to Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest independent cancer research organisation. The money donated to Cancer Research UK goes towards vital research to one day end the devastation that cancer causes one out of every two people to face. Not only this, but the support offered to cancer patients by doctors, carers and volunteers is hugely enhanced by your donations.


Guys & St. Thomas’ Neonatal Unit

Our Prize Draw winner in August 2021 chose Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital Neonatal Unit to receive the £510 raised by your entries. This cause was close to the winner’s heart, with her Italian Ladies Club raising funds for this ward each year. Since the team was unable to fundraise last year, she decided to use the money to go towards funding a specialised cot and equipment for very premature babies in this south-east based hospital unit.


Leukaemia UK

In September 2021, a stunning £527 went to Leukaemia UK, a charity funding ground-breaking research and care for those affected by leukaemia and other blood cancers. Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer in the UK every 16 minutes, and over the past 40 years, Leukaemia UK have worked tirelessly to provide physical, psychological and emotional support for those with blood cancer, as well as working to find new treatments, care and one day, a cure.


UK Wild Otter Trust

£514 was donated to UK Wild Otter Trust in October 2021. This Devon based charity is dedicated to the protection of the European otter, whilst promoting the benefits that they bring to the natural environment. Their goal is to increase the appreciation for otters, whilst rescuing hurt and distressed otters, rehabilitating them, and returning them to the wild.


Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

In November 2021, £527 was given to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, all thanks to your kindness! With 619 children and young people from the UK arriving to this hospital each day to receive treatment, it is goes without saying how invaluable every penny is to them. They key areas that your donations go towards are life-saving medical equipment, supporting children and families, research into children’s health, and rebuilding and refurbishment.


All We Can

January 2022 saw £564 being split between two charities (£282 each), one of which is All We Can, an international development and emergency relief organisation. The charity helps to find solutions to poverty, inequality and injustice in some of the world’s poorest countries. Their work involves supporting and strengthening local communities, offering emergency support to humanitarian crises, and engaging in advocacy and education.

Methodist Homes

The other £282 went to Methodist Homes, the UK’s largest charity care provider. Methodist Homes offer high-quality residential, dementia and nursing care, retirement accommodation and community groups. Your donations mean that the best care and wellbeing is inspired at every later stage of life.


Springhill Hospice

Your entries meant that in February 2022, £540 was donated to Springhill Hospice, a purpose-built facility offering specialist palliative care to patients and their families from diagnosis to end-of-life. Donations to the hospice means that they can offer physical, psychological and emotional care for patients, encourage the independence of patients to make informed choices, offer education to patients, family and friends, as well as to offer post bereavement therapies. The team at Springhill have given thanks directly, assuring that the money raised will go directly towards the ongoing costs of providing care for patients and their families.



In March 2022, £537 of your donations went to P3, a charity and social enterprise who aim to give everyone a chance to be a part of their local community. Your donations to P3 give support to those overcoming homelessness, facing housing troubles, those needing health and wellbeing support, support for young people and families to unlock their potential, as well as advice and support on issues such as education, education, employment, sexual health, relationships, finances and benefits.


It is your monthly entries that have meant that all of these incredible charities have benefitted, as well as some of our valued members! Let’s roll on another successful year.


Fancy getting involved?

If the above has made you eager to be a part of the Member’s Prize Draw, view our T&C and get involved here. Your monthly entries will not only be going towards some amazing causes, but it will be giving a fellow GMBCU member (or yourself!) a financial boost when they may really need one.

We know it’s tempting to splash the cash in the name of a good cause, but we are limiting individual entries to a maximum of £10 per month, to not only keep it fair, but also to keep our savvy savers on track!