person on laptop
25 Apr 2023

This month we hosted our 24th Annual General Meeting.    On Saturday 22 April we had the opportunity via Zoom to have a roundup of the previous financial year at GMBCU. We covered topics including the prize draw, business plans and reports from the Board of Directors, Treasurers, Auditors and more. 

GMBCU prize draw year 2
20 Apr 2023

Can you believe it’s been two years since we relaunched our Members’ Prize Draw? So many of you love taking part, and it’s had a positive impact on a variety of wonderful charities too.

4 Apr 2023

Managing your money can feel overwhelming. Yet, there are simple ways you can make changes to improve your situation. You deserve to feel confident and happy about your money, no matter what your salary or circumstances are.  

8 Mar 2023

In an ideal world, you’d love to be able to comfortably save money for a house deposit, a car or even a family holiday. But in reality, simply getting by is the financial priority of most people at the moment.   Times are hard, but as a GMB Credit Union member, you’re never alone.  

3 Feb 2023

Fraudsters are inventive, and they constantly come up with new ways to scam hardworking people. So what can you do to recognise and avoid the most common finance scams?